WOW–my head is spinning–I have utilized Shutterfly in past, but knew nothing of Flickr really.  Took the tour, played around, set up my first gallery and tried to upload.  Realized I couldn’t put my card into this laptop and will have to try from my personal computer later(how old are these computers anyway).  Course my first gallery is of Chicago as when I am homesick it is a great place to visit, heehee!  Thought it would be fun to take a virtual trip there with students for sure as I prattle on about it often!

chicago-my kind of town!
chicago-my kind of town!

image by Rhys’s Piece

As I teach social studies I am excited to use the geotagging feature to bring kids to the places we discuss  –just would like to know best ways to save and share. I will start playing with this one tho! Virtual field trips–I can say we are going to Portugal and you don’t even need a permission slip!  Kinda feel like Ms. Frizzle!

Side note– spent time on Dan Meyer’s Blog series regarding visual literacy and was really impressed.  It gave me much to think about regarding thinking, decision-making and communication.  I know this will have to be part of educating students in this format.  I would link to these -but I am not sure on the multiple links, going to put the last one though.

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